2 years of dating: what I've learnt

Well let's start with the key point; it's shit. 

The past two years of dating have brought me more sadness than happiness, whether that just means I've been doing it wrong I don't know, but it's definitely not been a bundle of laughs and good feelings. 

You're back

You're back. 

You saw your moment and crawled your way back in, slowly at first, but I saw you. I knew what it meant and I didn't stop you. I guess I hoped you wouldn't be here to stay. 

Hand jobs, period sex and a finger up the bum - the Scarlet Ladies sex panel

A Tuesday evening for me usually consists of nothing more than dinner in front of the tv before climbing into bed for a few hours of social media scrolling, any improvement to my weekday evening is always appreciated. So I was happy to be invited to spend a Tuesday evening in March in a cute bar in London surrounded by sex positive ladies and gentleman thanks to Scarlet Ladies. 

I'm not a nice, sweet, good girl - but that's more than ok

I'm a nice person, and I'm a good person, but those are not my key identifiers. I don't think anyone who knows me would pick nice and good if they were asked to describe me in three words - loud, confident and sassy are probably much more likely to come up. I'm ok with that, in fact I'm proud of that, because along with those things come being outspoken, honest and passionate. I'm a feminist, sex positive, unafraid of confrontation and comfortable speaking up when I need to. 

Why you shouldn't be afraid to play alone this Valentines Day

My first sex toy was a mini bullet vibrator from Ann Summers at around age 16. I was slightly terrified of what to expect, not having had much sexual experience with guys and only a bit of tentative play with myself. It's save to say I was blown away, and ever since that fateful day when I first put a vibrator to my clit I've been a fan of sex toys. 

My Magic Number


My magic number is 3. No, it's not the number of people I've had sex with (none of your business) or the number of relationships I've had (one), or even the number of people I've loved in a romantic way (also one). My magic number is the number of people who've given me butterflies. 

My top 9 podcasts

I spend a lot of time in my car, driving to and from work, this could very easily be wasted time just spent listening to the radio or music, so for the past few months I've been trying to make the most of the time. 

To do that I've been listening to podcasts, not only do they make my journey go quicker, because they're distracting me from the monotony of my daily commute, but I also feel like I'm learning, or at least absorbing something new. 

So here are my top 10 podcasts, that I really recommend listening to. 

I have casual sex, and it's none of your business

My name is Emma, and I have casual sex.

Yep, I'm one of those people. I'm sure you know the ones, maybe you're one too, or maybe you're friends with one. I'm talking about the people who are comfortable having sex without an emotional connection, and usually - shock horror - they really enjoy it.

The year of me

It's here bitches. The year of me. 

Why I risked it for a guy

So, last year I put myself out there, I risked it for a guy, and on the 1st of January things didn't exactly go my way. Normally I guess this would be the part where I tell you it wasn't worth it, and guys suck and you deserve more than they give, but I'm not going to do that.

The 'Fuck Budget'

Yes this post idea is completely stolen from the wonderful Vix Meldrew, but it's too good of an idea for me not to join in with. Taking inspiration from Sarah Knight's book 'The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck', Vix put together a list of the things she thought she should be giving less of a fuck about, and more of a fuck about in 2017.