My Magic Number


My magic number is 3. No, it's not the number of people I've had sex with (none of your business) or the number of relationships I've had (one), or even the number of people I've loved in a romantic way (also one). My magic number is the number of people who've given me butterflies. 

1. The First 
No one before him had been right, in fact I was wondering if I was ever going to meet someone I liked enough to want to date, and then into my life he strolls. Shy, reserved, and in some ways my direct opposite, I never expected it to be anything more than a bit of fun. He had me staying up until 5am texting even though he lived down the street, I wanted to spend every second of my day with him. I hated him leaving, wanted to stay asleep in his arms forever. His smile made me smile. Even months later I'd get butterflies getting of the train, being enveloped in his hug. He was my everything. I gave him everything, I loved him, and up until the day I hugged him goodbye, and I knew it was over, he still gave me butterflies. 

2. The One Who Never Was
Sometimes things are messy, they don't feel right for some reason, it won't work and they don't feel the same way. We had so many ups and downs it felt like we never knew where we stood, but he gave me butterflies, in a different way. These butterflies didn't make sense, every message, every snapchat, every 'baby', every argument, everything about him confused me and had my stomach flip. He could have had my heart. If things had gone differently, I know I could have fallen for him, but sometimes things just don't work like that. Perhaps he didn't feel those butterflies in the same way, but even though it was the kind of situation everyone says you need to get out of I knew it was worth the risk. Never has a situation with someone felt so right and so wrong at the same time. 

3. The Friend 
Every conversation is exciting, he stimulates my mind, has me questioning myself, improving myself, I want to tell him the important things and the minor things. From the beginning the conversation has been what sold it for me, he's wonderful, but by no means perfect. We challenge each other and encourage each other and it's one of the best connections I've ever had. He makes me laugh, all the time, and I love him. As a friend. We gave the dating a go, and I don't think I've ever been so excited to meet someone, but we know what works for us, and that is friendship, and it's honestly the best decision. He doesn't give me butterflies any more, but for that I am glad, because now I have a friend who brings out the best in me. 

I'm not sure if my number is low, but I know that each of those guys has meant something to me. They gave me a feeling I don't often feel, that is why they stuck with me, and that is why the number is special to me. 

This post is inspired by a post from Girl on the Net.

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