My top 9 podcasts

I spend a lot of time in my car, driving to and from work, this could very easily be wasted time just spent listening to the radio or music, so for the past few months I've been trying to make the most of the time. 

To do that I've been listening to podcasts, not only do they make my journey go quicker, because they're distracting me from the monotony of my daily commute, but I also feel like I'm learning, or at least absorbing something new. 

So here are my top 10 podcasts, that I really recommend listening to. 

1. My Dad Wrote a Porno
Yep, this is pretty much as it says on the tin. A group of friends, including Radio 1's Alice Levine, read the erotic fiction written by Rocky Flintstone, one of their fathers. If you've got an open mind and want something to make you actually laugh out loud to yourself then this podcast is the one. I can not recommend it highly enough, it really is hilarious. 

2. No Such Thing As A Fish 
A podcast from some of the researchers at QI. Each week they bring us four interesting facts or discoveries, with a lot of hilarity added in for good measure. If you're a fan of the QI show, or you're a lover of random interesting facts no one needs to know then this podcast is for you. 

3. Stuff You Missed in History Class
Never did I think I'd enjoy a podcast about the history of butter, but these ladies make everything interesting. Bringing big topics into bitesize chunks, giving a story to people or events in history that we might never have heard of, this podcast has taught me a lot, and I love it. If you have an interest in history, but just want to absorb it a little bit at a time this is a really nice way to do that. 

4. Serial 
If you've heard of any podcast it's probably this one. Think making a murderer but with a bit more narrative. The show investigates a current non fiction story, the first season the murder of a teenager, the second an American soldier held by the Taliban. If you're into real life crime this podcast is the best of them all. 

5. In the Dark
Similar to Serial, this is another investigative real life crime podcast. Focusing on the story of a young boy who went missing in 1989, and the police investigation that followed. The crime had been unsolved for decades, but at the time of creating the podcast someone comes forward.

6. Ctrl Alt Delete 
The wonderful Emma Gannon interviews interesting guests on their personal stories, with an emphasis on the impact of the internet and social media. Inspiring guest with inspiring stories, it really is a podcast any internet kid should be listening to.

7. Ted Talks 
If you don't know what Ted Talks are, well where have you been?! They range in topic but in general they're just some really interesting and inspiring talks by people who have something to say. 

8. Lore
I wouldn't recommend listening to this one while walking home alone in the dark, let me just start with that. Lore is a true life scary stories podcast, and if you're into the supernatural, or the darker side of history, well this could be for you. 

9. My Favourite Murder 
A perfect mix of real life crime and humour. The hosts are hilarious, and so long as you're ok with listening to a bit of chatter and rambling this podcast will definitely have you intrigued. Unlike the more narrative styles of other crime podcasts, this has a more relaxed vibe, instead feeling like you're sitting with some friends talking about, well, murders. 

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