The year of me

It's here bitches. The year of me. 

2017 is the year I'm going to start doing things for me. Last year was an up and down one, but I feel like I made progress in finally feeling like myself again, so this year it's time to step it up a notch and really make the most of feeling like myself. 

My year didn't start as I might have hoped, but rather than letting that bring me down I'm going to use it to inspire me. I don't need a boyfriend, in fact, I'm enjoying finding happiness by myself, and I'm going to take that one step further by setting myself some goals for the year of me. 

I want to do all the things I've been holding off doing until I've got a boyfriend to do them with. It's ridiculous that there are things I haven't done purely because I want to do them with someone. This year I'm going to do them, whether I do them alone or not. 

In 2017
Go on a long walk, and climb the big hill I drive past every day
Watch the sunrise 
Get a cinema pass and just go alone
Go to the theatre 
Drive to the seaside 
Ride in a balloon
Spend the day in bed watching documentaries and not feel guilty 
Consider moving out 
Go away on holiday 
Run again 
Love myself, and all my lumps and bumps
Explore more of London 
Eat out at a fancy restaurant 

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