2 years of dating: what I've learnt

Well let's start with the key point; it's shit. 

The past two years of dating have brought me more sadness than happiness, whether that just means I've been doing it wrong I don't know, but it's definitely not been a bundle of laughs and good feelings. 

But other than the general shitness of dating, there have been a few lessons I've learnt and will be reminding myself for the rest of my single life:

 Second chances are for fools 
Don't date when you're sad 
If they're recently single steer clear
Listen to your friends 
If you have any doubts don't ignore them
You don't want to share
Don't trust too quickly 
You'll forget him if you delete him, so delete him
Don't let him call you baby
Hold back, they don't need to know it all right away
You deserve more, don't settle
Being single is better than dating the wrong person 
The loneliness doesn't last forever

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