About the author
Emma is a 20 something woman, living outside of London, hoping to one day change the world. 

How she changes the world is yet to be decided. Currently working in social media and online content, - or 'writing stuff on the internet' as she tells her nan - Emma is hoping to use her passion for talking, both in real life and on the internet, to make a difference. 

Sex, feminism, global issues and mental health are topics Emma has introduced into her blog as her passions have developed. 

About Essays and Wine
In March 2014 Essays and Wine was started as a student lifestyle blog while Emma studied for her degree. Over time as her interests have developed Emma has adapted her blog to fit her passions. 

Rather than be limited to set categories, Emma decided to use her space on the internet to write about the things she felt a desire to write. On Essays and Wine you will find posts that fit into the main categories of: love & lust, lifestyle, wellbeing, beauty, fashion and global.

I'm always open to collaborating with other bloggers, and working with brands. Find details here on how to contact me